Microbiology and Hygiene Management

Consultings in micobiology and hygiene are especially focussed on an Integrated Hygiene Management. Any projects and microbiological acceptance tests are based on careful attention of national and international food and hygiene regulations and are integrated into existing or future control systems resp. HACCP-concepts. Optimizations of processes and procedures are part of our concepts as well as potential savings in cleaning and sanitizing technology, aseptics and microbiological and hygienic processing. In-site-audits, -trainings, -workshops and -instructions complete this range of our services.

Critical point and FMEA studies (according to DIN EN 60812) can be made for special devices or complete plants. An additional focus lies on the examination and validation of filling and packaging lines for microbiologically sensitive products and their classification according to the VDMA guidelines (I to V) and their optimisation in Hygienic Design. Among others, the spray shadow/retention test, carried out with the VOD retention test medium (RET-medium), delivers important indications in this concern.